PR Through The Eyes Of A Young Professional

About the Authors

Pretty MeNajjabee

Believing that she was “born” to practice public relations, it can be said, indubitably that Najja is very passionate about her field. Since receiving her bachelors and masters degree in Public Relations/Corporate Communications, Najja has started the proverbial journey to establishing herself as one of PR’s top practitioners.


The truth of the matter is, the formalities aren’t important, but my reason for starting this blog is. After being equipped with a great (probably too much) education, and honing those skills as an intern at some of our country’s most respected PR agencies and companies,  my “newness” to the field,  in my opinion, has given me a great advantage. It has allowed me to critically look at my field from a “pure”, untainted, unscripted, unflacked, and unspun perspective.

And when I’m not writing this blog, I am running my own PR  firm, and working full-time at an awesome nonprofit organization in Illinois.




Ashley M.

“PR is PR,” is my philosophy; no matter the type of practice or audience. I ultimately knew their was no turning back from the world of PR after I choose to completely immerse myself in the field by getting my master’s degree in public relations and corporate communications and bachelor’s degree in mass media. While interning, I had the chance to become a part of a culture that allowed me to manage and cultivate myself into several different types of clients while still using my undergraduate skills in television production to enhance my portfolio.

As a new professional, I have an uninhibited opinion of the public relations industry and since the dawn of the recession I am prompted to share my views and thoughts other than in a structured, professional setting unscripted and without ramification. If you can’t find me here then I am usually looking for ways to engage myself in the profession full time or I am busy advising others on their PR initiatives.

Shannon Smith

It excites me to have the opportunity to contribute to this blog and offer guidance and exchange ideas with other young professionals. I thrive off my ability to assist others as I hone my skills in my profession. My education and work experience has given me the insight needed in order to help those striving to be in my position, as well as relate to those who have already been in my shoes.

I began mycareer in Communications as an intern at Fox Chicago News, before receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Organizational/Corporate Communications and Master of Arts in Communications at Northern Illinois University. I continues to enhance my versatile skills in the field having worked with smaller organizations. These opportunities have allowed me to be responsible for and specialize in community outreach, social media, marketing, and media relation and reputation management.  I am currently the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Howard Smith & Associates PR.


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