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It’s All About Your PITCH!

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In the short time that I have been in the real PR world I have learned that there is more to PR than just what you may have learned in the classroom , at a seminar, or even during an internship. Other fields have lessons to teach those of us who think we know all about PR. To be  a PR practitioner you must know how to and be comfortable with speaking in public. Giving a presentation or PITCHING to the media is key.

Warm-Up in the Sales Room

Taking a part-time job or even starting out in a sales position right out of college is not only a way to improve your pitch but a way to enhance your resume. Being in an sales oriented environment gives you the skills to work under pressure and to work towards a very tangible goal. In PR our goal may be to close a deal with a client or vendor, present to a journalist or complete a press kit, etc. In sales it is all about your product and how you present that product. A “NO” answer can swiftly turn into a “Sure, why not” if you have the ability persuade a client to purchase the product you are selling.


Tele-marketing, B2B and Retail sales are all advantageous avenues to travel down to improve your presentation skills. Making the best of all of the skills you can acquire from an experience in sales is a very commendable way to boost your resume and prove that you  think on your feet and adapt well in a fast-pace environment.

A No-Hitter

So, don’t be afraid to take that sales position you applied for in waiting for the dream agency gig. Take it and give it all you got. Employers know valuable experience when they see it. The learning process never ends. The more well versed you are in sales tactics the better practitioner you will be. If your pitch is perfect you can strike out the opposition.


-Samantha Manuel

Since graduating from Northern Illinois University in 2009, Samantha has worked with the Chicago Blackhawks, Joffrey Ballet and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. She recently launched her own consulting and event management boutique agency, called Center Stage PR and Event Management. In tandem, Samantha is currently employed by JVS Chicago as a Program and Social Media Coordinator for the IL-SBDC Duman Entrepreneurship Center.