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The Professionals Guide to Twitter

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Twitter is addictive, but it also has lots of traps that can lure you into looking unprofessional and lazy. The following guidelines will enable you to be personable and professional.

Cut the Shortcuts


Being that it only allow you to express yourself 140 characters at a time , there are appropriate shortcuts for Twitter, but don’t go overboard. Otherwise, no one will be able to understand you, and they may think you’re lazy. Be sure to remember to be clear and concise. You’re not receiving an official grade from your postings, but you are being judged on your grammar mistakes so don’t forget to edit your work. Take a few seconds to review your messages so that you can correct any mistakes.

Pay Attention To Your Brand

Social media is about being honest, not tricking people. On Twitter you maybe able to get away with using a unique username but be sure to put real information on your biography section. In an effort to be even more transparent, be sure to use a real photo of yourself to help others understand who they’re connecting with.

One of the easiest ways for people to decide whether or not they want to follow you is to check your follow ratio. Try to keep it balanced so that you don’t look desperate or like a snob. Also, since you never know who’s watching you on be sure to always promote your absolute best work, not your mediocre stuff. However, when tweeting  your work, do not be so self involved that you forget to share other people’s work. For every tweet you make about yourself, make two or three tweets about someone else’s work or a third party article.

Be assertive but not pushy

While it may be tempting to add your friend’s entire friends list, when circumstances allow, always make sure you are asking friends for introductions. While situations may not always allow you this luxury, in the cases that you share a friend in common take advantage of the opportunity.  You’ll avoid freaking people out if you ask a friend to make an introduction rather than friending people you’ve randomly spotted online.

Please keep in mind that while responding to messages on tweets and DM’s  is common courtesy; you cannot demand a response from anyone. Especially people you don’t know well and you hope to do business with. If you’re never getting any responses back or retweets and still continue to ask, then you’re cyber-stalking . Stop. If your tweet is good enough to share, your followers will retweet it without a desperate plea.

I’m sure most of you PRofessionals are familiar with these guidelines but sometimes its easy to get comfortable and slip into bad habits. Remember these are social netWORKs and  your always on the job. Being professional is a must so remember to continue putting fourth effort in everything that you do.





HAPPO CHICAGO – February 24th

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HAPPO or also known as “Help a PR Pro Out”  is coming to Chicago for a live interactive event.  Every young pro that is out there looking for a job in PR must participate. Last year this blog was used as a vessel for my self and several other PR professionals who participated in first ever HAPPO event online.

Fortunately the HAPPO movement is still pushing forward! And tomorrow Gini Dietrich of Arment Dietrich, along with other HAPPO champions will host a live HAPPO event tomorrow Feb. 24th, 2010  5-7pm, at the Arment Dietrich office. The event will be part panel discussion and part networking.

This should a very useful event for all young and new PRos.

Check out Spin Sucks for more details!!

Video: PR and the Online Community

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Sticking with theme of our previous blog post where the Do’s and Dont’s of  building personal and professional relationships via social media were discussed – Do you agree with the proposed method offered in this video? What is the best way to engage stakeholders  throughout the various online communities as a PR professional? Please share your thoughts.

The Young Professionals Guide To Social Networks

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People use social networks impulsively. It becomes an outlet for many things, whether it is to network, keep in touch, find out more information, or just to vent! What young professionals should keep in mind at all times is the overall impact information released on these sites can have on their lives – personally and professionally. Here are some general guidelines to adhere to that will help maintain a healthy social network image.

When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to being a professional, it is ok to be yourself on social networks. No one expects you to be a professional 24 hours a week 365 days a year. It is expected that on the other side of that blackberry, android, or computer is a human being and not every day is going to be a good day. Those you connect with on social networks will appreciate this and may also be able to connect with you on those feelings. However it is important to be conscious of how much of ‘you’ should be revealed. Just because you’re having a bad day does not mean that you should use offensive language or offer uncomfortable details of your experiences. The best rule of thumb is if you would not use derogatory language in a professional setting, it probably should not be posted on social networks either. PERIOD. Remember that you’re always ‘on’ in social media realm, and somebody is ALWAYS watching. Don’t give them a show, you might regret in the future.

Be A Friendly Follower

One golden rule that we should all be very familiar with by now; “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” By doing this on social networks you’ll develop a reputation for being a worthy friend and follow who other users will want to pass along to their network. Keep in mind that both good news and bad news travels fast, so always be prepared to make a good impression. You wouldn’t make a nasty comment to a person you just met at work or school would you? In fact I bet you’d probably go above and beyond to seem friendly and helpful. Apply that same attitude to your social media activity. Keep in mind that once you’ve established a relationship with an online contact, you can ask for advice or help, but be prepared to reciprocate these efforts. But don’t abuse those privileges by logging on just to ask people to do something for you.

Quality Over Quantity

You can earn respect on social media sites by offering quality, accessible information in a friendly way. Share relevant links, commentary and helpful advice. However, if you’re on social media sites constantly, you’ll burn yourself out and possibly annoy other people. Find a balance so that you’re making quality contributions to the discussion, not dominating it. As we know “your network is you net worth”. You’ll never broaden your network if you don’t connect with people outside of your circle and comfort zone. Be willing to open yourself up to all types of followers and friends. But keep in mind you can’t be friends with everyone online – keep it professional; trying to do so will make you crazy and it will give your timeline sensory overload! Make educated, intentional and meaningful connections.

These guidelines will help maintain your social media image. The reality is it matters more how people truly view  or perceive you then how you THINK they view you. Those that befriend you on social networks are not privy to knowing everything about you so you must be mindful of what they do see and conduct yourself in a personal yet professional manner. If you have not done this prior to now, do not be discouraged, it is never too late to develop good habits. In the words of Maya Angelou “When you know better, you do better”

Be sure to look for my next post entitled “Breaking Down The Networks” for guidelines on Twitter and Facebook specific rules!

We’re Back!!!

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Yes, after a 5 month hiatus, New Kids on the Block is BACK!!

We promise our lack of presence hasn’t been been in vain. We’re introducing brand new writers, fresh content, and so much more.

We invite you to join the conversation and become a part of the New Kids on the Block community.

If you’re a ‘New Kid on the Block’ practicing PR, marketing, social media, or any other communications discipline, who would be interested in contributing a post,  just let us know! We’d be happy to have you!

Stay tuned for more great posts!

Peace, NKOB