PR Through The Eyes Of A Young Professional

Ashley Marshall #HAPPO Washington D.C./Atlanta

In Jobs, Public Relations, Young Professionals on February 19, 2010 at 2:36 pm

The great recession has made me greater. The unprecedented economic crisis was shocking, but rewarding all the same.  After receiving an advanced degree from a top tier school and working one year on K Street, surely this had propelled me on a firm career path. However, I have had to be very innovative and do a lot of creative brainstorming to stay relevant as a new professional. From consulting a religious organization on social media practices to working on a campaign to continue to hone my public relations expertise; I have had to think outside of the box within the past year.  For this reason it is so important to form and maintain strong relationships. My long standing relationship with Disney has resulted in me co-hosting a school assembly called “Move It,” which spreads the Disney brand to Atlanta area schools through exercise while still searching for full time professional opportunities.

As a recent graduate of Georgetown University with a Masters degree in corporate communications and public relations, I completed a public affairs internship at one of Washington D.C.’s top K street public affairs firms, Adfero Group where I gained invaluable experience. As apart of the Adfero team I worked with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Microsoft, The American Institute of Architects, and many congressional offices on Capitol Hill. This experience provided me with much relationship building expertise such as written communications, new media, web-based research, website development, developing communications strategies, advocacy campaigns, and Internet advertising analysis. My impressive work at Adfero Group resulted in my semester long internship being extended for one year.

My resume can offer you a more detailed analysis of my experience. Although I currently reside partly in Atlanta and Washington D.C., I am open to exploring other locations. I am confident my abilities and experience can substantively contribute to an organization while increasing my experience in public relations. They always say the best laid plans often change. While the great recession is certainly unexpected it has enhanced my skills and expanded my creativity.


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