PR Through The Eyes Of A Young Professional

Taking the BS out of Pu lic Relation

In Public Relations on January 18, 2010 at 8:52 pm

I love my profession. Every morning I sit in front of the computer with a cup of coffee, perusing the latest news, info, and stats relevant to public relations. Often times I feel like a kid in a toy store, overwhelmed by the amount of information that sits before me. As a relatively new professional (a solid 2 ½ years, thank you very much), I am still in awe by the impact my field has on the world. You can always find a public relations initiative lurking behind every news story, major event, or magazine article. But even with the presence of public relations being so clear and obvious, the world actively engages in a love/hate relationship with the industry. Nevertheless the need for public relations is on the rise. Good news for me and my fellow practitioners but bad news for critics. And while the hiring component within the field of public relations may be in freeze mode ( damn you economic depression), the practice itself is flourishing.

Behind criminals and IRS auditors, the public relations profession comes in a strong 3rd place on the list of nastiest nicknames: flacks, spin doctors, propagandist… the lists goes on. While these titles may not have been designed to be derogatory, you better believe that when someone calls you a Flack today, it’s not a compliment. Nevertheless, while there are professionals that give PR a bad name, I am among a new generation of professionals that are committed to being ethical and practicing the field with the highest degree of integrity.

How can I be sure of this you ask?

Well the truth is no one comes into public relations (or another other profession…to my knowledge) and dreams of how to implement greenwashing techniques, or ponders ideas for manipulating customers. I’ve always assumed that questionable acts/ poor habits of the field were passed down generation to generation, co-worker to co-worker, just like bad genes. Well the buck stops here.

As a new practitioner, along with an army of others, I am committed to taking the BS out of PR! Very rarely as a young professional do you get to exercise the advantages of your novelty to the profession; unless it involves explaining some new gadget or technology like “The Google”, or Facebook to a more experienced colleague. But when it comes to evaluating a public relations campaign or trend, allowing a fresh, candid pair of eyes to give a new perspective can be extremely beneficial. That is what my co –author and I hope accomplish with this blog.

As I evaluate and offer my two cents on the issues I find important, I am encouraged to refer to educational tools, professional resources, and just plain old common sense.


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